My money is on Trump

As a nation we are incredibly good at believing what we are told in the press, which makes the whole subject of Donald Trump an awkward one. If you provide such a limitless supply of ridiculous and offensive statements, the press have so much material to fill their columns with that there is barely room for any deeper exploration of character.

Searching for positives about Donald Trump, the best you can find is a list of reasons why he might be better than Clinton; with 233 years of national debt doubled in the last seven years to provide a 1% growth rate whilst 15 million join the unemployed and the shambolic state of foreign policy particularly in the Middle East, his allies will say that he is not culpable of any of this whilst the Clinton and Bush dynasties have held positions of President, Vice President or Secretary of State for over 30 years. This is hardly a ringing endorsement for someone standing for chief executive of the most powerful nation in the world.

But if you are asking whether he will win, I suspect that there is a fair chance that he will. In the republican primaries earlier this year he polled 60% more of the vote than four years ago proving that he seems to be engaging with that segment of disaffected voters that we are equally familiar with over here. Motivating these people to make it to the polling station next Tuesday will be decisive in whether he is victorious whilst the latest FBI focus on Clinton will drive many towards him as the “least worst” candidate. So I have put my money on Trump and have two reasons to hope that he wins; with odds of 6.4:1 when I placed my bet, it seemed too good an opportunity to turn down but I am also hopeful that a Trump victory might, however briefly, focus the harsh glare of ridicule somewhere other than the UK.


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1 Response to My money is on Trump

  1. Merlin says:


    With the best will in the world, there is not one good reason to elect the toxic hairpiece. If they do you should short your futures and start selling bunkers, and I don’t mean the marine kind

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